3D Imaging


Our office is equipped with a 3D imaging machine, an advanced machine that can help our dentists detect and diagnose potential oral problems. The scan takes only 14 seconds and allows us to view undistorted 3D images. We chose this machine because the exposure to radiation is very low compared to other brands of dental 3D and up to 100 times less than traditional CT scans taken at hospitals. For the first time, patients can see their anatomy in accurate, real-life perspectives that allows them to understand their own oral health. This 3D imaging machine is used in a variety of circumstances and can:

  • Produce more accurate images
  • Assist in dental implant placement
  • Help our dentists recognize serious problems earlier
  • Allow us to share information with other healthcare professionals, dentists, and insurance agencies, as needed

If you would like more information on 3D imaging, please call our Woodbury, MN dental office today!  We are excited to share more information about this advanced technology with you.