To help you perform your best, and to protect your teeth during the big game, Woodbury Dental Care is proud to provide Under Armour mouth guards that are powered by the innovate ArmourBiteT technology. The Under Armour Performance MouthwearT guards are designed to help you give your all by relieving unnecessary pressure on the TMJ. The ArmourBiteT technology can also halt the production of hormones that could affect your game.

Receiving your custom MouthwearT guard couldn’t be easier. You will visit our office for your appointment and one of our dentists will custom fit your mouth guard to fit your mouth comfortably. After that, it’s yours! We offer Under Armour mouth guards that can be used for either contact sports or non-contact sports; during your appointment, you and the dentist will discuss which option is right for you.

ArmourBiteT technology and Under Armour mouth guards are used by hundreds of professional athletes worldwide. If you would like the amazing benefits of ArmourBiteT technology and Under Armour mouth guards, please contact our office soon. We’ll be happy to schedule your appointment!